Radiator Hose GenIII Hemi 5.7 6.1 6.4

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Radiator Hose (Gen3 5.7L/6.1L/7.0L/6.4L) (20609G)

LX & WK Gen III Hemi Radiator Hose w/BPE Bolt In Radiators (2) req.

This Radiator Hose is the hose we use on all muscle car and resto mod Gen III Installations on upper and lower locations using our Gen III Radiator Assembly. Works will all Gen III Hemi Installs that have Passenger Side Thermostat Housing Outlet (1 3/4″) and Lower Radiator Hose (1 3/4″). Will not work on DR 5.7L Hemis found in trucks which have drivers side thermostat outlet and passenger side lower radiator hose. Works on Upper and Lower.

In your fitment process, on the top, you will trim one end. On the lower you will trim the opposite end to fit properly. See PICs.

These are sold Individually. 2 are Required.


1-Works ONLY with BPE Gen III Hemi Radiators-OR with upper and lower outlets on the passenger side.

2-Slight trimming may be required to fit some applications/ Suggestion of approx. trimming is on pics and included

3-Comes with both proper size PREMIUM clamps

4-Will Not work with Hell Cat LOWER Applications-WILL work if upper radiator port is on the passenger side.