Fuel Injection Gas Tank Pump – 345 5.7 and 392 6.4 High Flow Fuel Pump Module – 255 Liters Per Hour – Up to 630 hp .
•Made in the USA
•Heavy 10 gauge no-warp mounting plate
•1/4″ NPT Supply and Return Line
•Barbed Vent Fitting
•Oven brazed fittings
•Up to 100 PSI
•In-tank wire harness
•Genuine Walbro Fuel Pumps

The GPA-Series Fuel Pump Module is designed to be used in many of our die-stamped alloy-coated and stainless steel gas tanks that have factory-installed reservoir trays. The tray is an absolute necessity for fuel-injection in order to prevent fuel starvation when accelerating and cornering.

We use Walbro high-performance pumps in all of our fuel injection modules. Walbro (TI Automotive) is an OE validated pump manufacturer that supplies products for two-thirds of the vehicles produced around the world today. Based on our testing we believe that Walbro offers the highest quality pump on the market. These OE quality performance pumps are better at hot fuel handling and are designed with an internal bypass channel to offer better recovery from aeration compared to other pump manufacturers. We offer multiple operating ranges in order to supply up to approximately 1000 horsepower. The internal wiring harness, supply line, return line, filter sock and insulator sleeve are included. (The gasket and screws with o-rings are not included with the pump because we include gaskets and screws with our tanks.)

The heavy 10-gauge no-warp mounting plate contains fittings for the supply, the return, the vent and the electrical connector. It is yellow-zinc plated to prevent corrosion


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