Hood Pin Kit T/A Challenger with 18 inch lanyards


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Reproduction of the original factory Hood Pin Kit

1970 Challenger T/A
with Fiberglass Hood
(also 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 Challenger with aftermarket Fiberglass Hood)

18″ Hood Pin Kit
(Stainless Steel Hood Pin Studs)
for Fiberglass Hoods as shown

Includes the following:
2 Correct Domed Stainless Steel Bezels.
2 Correct thickness with Correct Textured Rubber Bezel Gaskets.
2 Correct Stainless Steel Hood Pin Studs.
8 Correct Pop Rivets.
2 Correct Lay Flat Hood Pin Stud CLIPS.
2 Correct Length 18″ Clear Plastic Coated Lanyards with Stainless Steel ends.
Correct Core Support Mounting Hardware.



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