Gen III Hemi Torque flite Throttle Pressure System


BPE 3325S

This new designed product for Gen III Hemis has remedied the problem of not having any mechanical throttle activation, from which to make throttle pressure systems work with all 1962 and later 904/727 Torqueflite Transmissions installed on Gen III Hemis. This Complete Kit will work with most all 904/727/998/999/500/518 Small Block Torqueflite Transmissions from 1962 that are being used behind most all Gen III Hemis, including 2003-2017 5.7L, 2005-2010 6.1L, and 2011-2017 6.4L Hemi Engines. These engines came with Fly By Wire Accelerator Pedals (APP) and Electronic Throttle Bodys. This kit is designed to update most Chrysler Style Fly by Wire Management Harnesses.  This Kit is specidfically designed to work with all Bouchillon Performance Gen III Hemi Management Systems that are Chrysler Based Systems with Fly by Wire pedals, All Hotwire Auto/Squire Chrysler Based Fly by Wire Management Systems, Mopar Performance latest Management Systems, and any management system that is reusing the original Style Chrysler Harness that may be modified using the Chrysler PCM and Fly by Wire Pedal. 

   This Kit Utilizes the same Throttle Pressure Cable and Transmission Components found on our Popular and Proven Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit, BPE 3350. 

   This Kit Does Require SOME mechanical knowledge to install correctly. Once you have read the instructions and If the Concept of this seems to be challenging for you, it is highly recommended you enlist the help of a Professional Automotive Technician. The Installation requires Basic Hand Tools and a Soldering Iron.  

Caution: If your transmission has internal problems including slipping, noises, vibrations, etc., this kit will not cure or improve any of those issues. However, on a sound Torqueflite in average condition, this kit will provide you the correct mechanical throttle pressure travel that is required for its correct operation. 

The only pre-existing parts required besides a Gen III Hemi using a Chrysler Style Management System and a Small Block Torqueflite Transmission that is not included with this kit are:                    

A. Accelerator Cable. Some factory accelerator Cables may be very hard to move the internal cable, too short or damaged. We stock 2 Accelerator Cables that cover or can be modified to cover most applications and years. The 2 cables we carry are both extra-long but differ on how they mount to the firewall. Our CA8408 Cable is approx. 28” long overall and has a Black Square Snap In Fastener that holds it to the firewall. Our CA8418 is approx. 27” long overall and has a Round End that is secured to the inside of the firewall with an E Clip or Horseshoe Clip (not Included). Both cables have an exposed cable inside with a Balled Style End. Some early 60’s Mopar came with a Clevis end on the inside of the firewall also, similar to the engine end on both of these cables. We Do Not have availability on those type cables.

B. Your Chrysler Style Computer Management System


1-This Kit comes Pre-Assembled and Complete with the Special Mopar/Mercedes App Sensor. If you already have the Divorced APP Sensor found on most all 2003 DR 5.7L Dodge Trucks and some 2004 5.7L Trucks, Order BPE 3325. BPE 3325 is the same component kit, LESS THE SENSOR and not assembled.

2-This kit IS NOT designed to work with any other manufacturers electronic Fly By Wire Throttle System or Computer Management Systems.

3-Unfortunately, the APP Sensor is furnish by Mercedes/Damlier/Mopar. As of 3-1-2019 , sensor cost pricing increased over $150.00. We do not have any other source available , other than new or a used assembly. Just Keep in mind, the used assemblies are getting to be 17 years old.