Spare Tire Hold Down Bracket – 62-65 Dodge Plymouth B-Body

Required when replacing a trunk floor, this special bracket attaches to the trunk floor and allows for the spare tire to be held in place. Be sure order the studs, wing nuts and other brackets required to hold the tire down.

1963 Dodge 330
1964 Dodge 330
1963 Dodge 440
1964 Dodge 440
1965 Dodge Coronet
1962 Dodge Dart
1962 Dodge Polara
1963 Dodge Polara
1964 Dodge Polara
1962 Plymouth Belvedere
1963 Plymouth Belvedere
1964 Plymouth Belvedere
1965 Plymouth Belvedere
1962 Plymouth Fury
1963 Plymouth Fury
1964 Plymouth Fury
1965 Plymouth Satellite
1962 Plymouth Savoy
1963 Plymouth Savoy
1964 Plymouth Savoy


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