Hood – Shaker w/Hood Pin Holes – 70-74 Challenger (Includes Trim Ring)

Bring your 70-74 Dodge Challenger back to life with a new Shaker Hood from AMD. Manufactured using our exclusive new tooling, all AMD hoods feature correct as original braces, brackets and bends meaning all hoods have the correct appearance on both sides. Auto Metal Direct (AMD) hoods are designed to be a direct bolt-on replacement to your vehicles stock hood. All applications utilize your vehicles stock hinge and latch assemblies. Unlike fiberglass hoods, AMD steel hoods will not flex or warp over time. Regardless of where you are located, AMD steel hoods will stay looking great for years to come! This hood arrives in a black EDP coat finish. This is not a primer. This is a sealer put on the hood to protect against rust. All AMD hoods require normal prep work (test fit, sand, prime) before paint can be applied. We strongly recommend having a qualified auto body shop paint and install this hood.


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