Frame Connector 70-74 Cuda

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70-74 Dodge Cuda Weld-in Frame Rail Connectors

If you have ever wanted to take your classic MOPAR to the next level of chassis updates, you know you need frame rail connectors. The US Car Tool frame rail connectors are custom fit to the floor pan of your Mopar.

These frame rail connectors are precision CNC Machine cut and CNC bent to form a 3 sided box. When they are welded to the floorpan of your Mopar Unibody, you create a complete boxed in frame rail section that is stronger than the original frame raisl on your car. these are made from 12 gauge steel and will create the strongest chassis you can have for your Mopar (without going to a full tube style chassis).

These frame rail connectors install from underneath your car – no need to cut a slice out of your floor! For years, racers have been cutting a 2″ wide slice out of the floor and installing a section of 2×4 box tubing that is then welded to the floor as a frame rail connector. When done this way, the connectors are very strong, since the entire floor is connected to the frame. The new US Car Tool frame rail connectors give you the same “welded to the floor” boxed strength, but they do not intrude into the passenger compartment. This means you will have no problems installing carpet or your seats!