Firewall Insulation with Pins B Body 68-70 NON AC


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DMT brand correct shape, correct fit NON A/C firewall insulation / sound deadener for 68-70 B bodies.

1966 66 1967 67 1968 68 1969 69 1970 70 Belvedere, Charger, Coronet, Daytona, GTX, Road Runner, Satellite, Superbird

Note: 66-67 B body firewall insulation is slightly different. Have that in another listing.

We improved the correctness by adding the small piece of firm black rubber stapled to the lower edge of the large cardboard piece near the accelerator pedal area. It’s attached with factory looking, stainless steel staples. After much investigation it appears this rubber flap had no function. It appears it was just to cover an area of the firewall not covered by the cardboard insulation piece or the carpet. Almost like it was a fix that should have been accounted for in the larger cardboard piece. If someone knows different I would be interested in any information.

Heavy black cardboard with 1″ yellow fiberglass insulation
Comes with our own OE correct plastic pins / nails that are firm but still flexible.


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