Fender Splash Shields 67-76 Dart 71-72 Demon 73-76 Dart


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Fender Splash Shields – Pair – 67-76 Dart; 71-72 Demon; 73-76 Dart Sport

Auto Metal Direct fender splash shields are constructed from quality materials and come in a range of applications. These fender splash shields provide your ride not only with a nice appearance, but most importantly protection from dust, dirt, road debris, and worst of all water that gets kicked up by the vehicle’s tires when you’re driving. Fits behind front wheel between fender and firewall.

1967 Dodge Dart
1968 Dodge Dart
1969 Dodge Dart
1970 Dodge Dart
1971 Dodge Dart
1972 Dodge Dart
1973 Dodge Dart
1974 Dodge Dart
1975 Dodge Dart
1976 Dodge Dart
1973 Dodge Dart Sport
1974 Dodge Dart Sport
1975 Dodge Dart Sport
1976 Dodge Dart Sport
1971 Dodge Demon
1972 Dodge Demon

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