Engine Mount Rubber V8 Exc Gen II Hemi


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sold individually. 63-77
These mounts are used on B bodies from 1966-72, C bodies from 1966-73 and E bodies from 1970-74. These were originally made by Chrysler as part number 2536121, and the original NOS Chrysler ones are awesome quality (or at least they were back when the rubber wasn’t 60+ years old..) In the early 80’s, after Chrysler discontinued the OEM ones, the aftermarket took over and started making these as part number “2250.” There used to be a dozen aftermarket companies offering them. Over the years, they have consolidated and bought each other out, to where now there are only two manufacturers. We (like everyone else) were forced to sell what was available on the market, and unfortunately, it became quickly apparent that the quality of the “aftermarket” 2250 mounts was absolutely horrible. One manufacturer’s doesn’t fit the K-member correctly. The other doesn’t fit the engine support brackets correctly. The welding of the nuts to the steel ears is so bad that about 20% of the time when you tighten the bolt, the welds break and the nut snaps off the ears. The steel used for the backing is way thinner than the original Chrysler ones. And there’s even more issues, we could go on and on. Anyhow, we decided to fix all these problems by making our own engine mounts from scratch. We made sure they are absolutely dimensionally and functionally identical to the original NOS Chrysler ones in every way. And we offer them at a price that is only slightly more than the “questionable” ones you will find on ebay or at your local auto parts store. Sold one per package, so use 2 per car.


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