Reproduction of the original factory Door Jamb Striker with washers
Chrysler Master Parts Book Part # 3454485 (2) Striker

1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 Plymouth Barracuda Cuda AAR Cuda

Factory Door Jamb Latch Strikers
Sold individually
1 Door Jamb Strikers with 1 thick and 1 thin washers.

** A word about the strikers.
Do you want the correct parts made by people who know and own MoPars and work with Chrysler Daily?
Or do you want parts made in Billy Bobs Backyard setup that are NOT correct?

Our strikers are correct and have the CORRECT STAR pattern in the center and NOT an allen head!
Our strikers also come with both thick and thin spacer washers!
Our strikers are made from top quality spec steel!

Made in USA