Diaphragm style clutch package for 10.5″ 130 tooth flywheel applications with 23 spline transmission. The Super Street Pro clutch kit is ideal for both the street and the track. We recommend it for cars up to 550 hp with moderate engine mods and street tires. The kit is SFI approved. Included is a high clamp load pressure plate, a dual faced organic and metallic disc for smooth engagement and awesome holding power. Our kits are complete with pilot tool and throw out bearing. If you are looking for a street friendly yet track proven clutch, the McLeod Super Street Pro is your best choice. Be advised that the clutch pedal over center spring will need to be removed for proper operation.


McLeod Super StreetPro clutch kits are great Street/Strip performance clutches perfect for use with moderate engine modifications, including intake and exhaust upgrades, camshaft and cylinder head work, and engine management programming. Super StreetPro kits provide a heavier pedal effort than stock, along with improved holding capacity, making these excellent high performance replacement clutches.

Additional features and benefits include:

* SFI-approved assembly
* Handle up to 550 hp
* Dual-faced organic and ceramic disc for smooth engagement with exceptional holding capacity
* Kits include a pressure plate, disc, throw out bearing (unless specified otherwise), and alignment tool


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